Granite Colors

There are dozens of patterns and colors in natural granite. Here is a selection of our most popular. The selection at New Mexico Granite and Slate is updated with each new shipment. Contact us with any questions on color. Remember, it is notoriously difficult to reproduce exact color on a computer monitor, and every slab of stone has its own unique tones.

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Inca Ivory

Ivory Gold

The warmth of aged ivory with hematite swirls.

Atlantic Gold

Dramatic waves of crimson and gold with quartz sparkles.

Colonial White


Mystic Brook


Royal Red

Regal look… priced for Everyman!

Painted Pony

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Painted Pony granite color by New Mexico Granite and Slate, Albuquerque

Gentle Gold

A rare stone from South India, warm and dramatic. Another granite imported exclusively by New Mexico Granite and Slate.

Desert Rose

The perfect tone for the High Desert palette.


A stunning blend of beige, linen and claret, this will bite your senses like a piranha — at a level one price!


Intriguing blend of seashore green and subtle greys. A Super Value!

Ruby Sparkle

Spectacular ruby rivers with quartz sparkles. Must be seen! Unique import, only at our showroom.

Green Pearl

Dark and subtle green with flashes of blue opalescence.

Inca Gold

New to the market! Warm, aged ivory tones with blue/grey base, studded with cranberry garnet crystals. Mellow and warm, ideal with earth tones.




Paradiso Night

Darker terra-cotta fossil shapes on rich chocolate background.

Coral White

Coral shades with bold rivers of rose, grey and white quartz.


Rich golden stone with small rivers of green and white quartz.


Just arrived and unique to New Mexico — a maze of turning crystals in orange, red and tan.

Viscont White

The classic Victorian stone... perfect for contemporary kitchens.


Stunning black and tan, beautiful crystal and peridot inclusions. Installs lighter than it looks, has very high polish.

Sunset Gold

Warm gold tones with cranberry-colored inclusions of garnet.


Stunning stone with warm colors, cloissoned with black.

Ocean Blue

The rarest granite color ... blue. Dramatic movement of robin's egg blue on swirling ocean colors. The only blue granite found in Asia, imported exclusively from the source.

Imperial Gold

The name says it all.

Paradiso Classic

Background of saltillo with navy blue waves.

Golden Juparana

Tremendous swirling patterns of golds, sometimes with garnet inclusions. This stone varies considerably from quarry to quarry. We recommend selecting each piece at our shop to insure the best match.

Kashmir Gold

Another stone that varies considerably from quarry to quarry. Despite the name, it actually from Southern India. A medium tone gold background, with a few burgundy flecks (natural garnet).


Cool, blue-grey stone with areas of terra cotta and cranberry inclusions.


Subtle combination of muted tans, burgundy and grey. High mica content gives a wonderful sparkly appearance.

Columbo Juparana

Dramatic movement of rose tints on blue waves.


A rich cream background with golden pattern, occasional breaks of sky blue.


Warm beige background, with small patterns of robin's egg blue and tan.


Warm gold and beige, consistent appearance.

Kashmir White

Lightest color of all the granites. Faint blue on white background with spots of red wine (garnet crystals).

Tan Brown

Dark brown background with highlights of copper, beige.

Lady Dream

Deep brick color with small dashes of dark moss green. Perfect with red tone tiles and darker cabinets.


Cream and pale red-brick tones, with patches of burgundy. Goes splendidly with earth tones and tile.

Ivory Fantasy

Warm cream-colored backgound with hints of beige and grey.

Tropical Green

Rich bottle-green background with green relief, and occasional inclusions of garnet.

Bash Paradiso

Grey tones with lively patches of terra cotta.